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Thursday, 28 April 2016

About Me
Brian is a Poet, Lyricist, Emcee, Writer, Editor, Blogger, Digital media strategist, Information/communication specialist, Motivational Speaker, Humanitarian/Activist/Advocate and Reader of books and other Publications. I am also an Art, music and fashion enthusiast. I am driven by curiosity, passion, inspiration and desire for wisdom; Christian and member of Uganda blogging community. 

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Raising Empowered Foundation-Uganda
Raising Empowered Foundation –Uganda (REF) is a Ugandan Local Non Governmental Organization, non –profit, non political,non discriminating organization and initiative that recognizes the value for humanity and human rights, governance, social-economic development, building partnership and networks, and respect for all individuals in the communities. Raising Empowered Foundation operates in Kampala, Kiryandongo, Masindi , Pakwach, Gulu Districts and other districts in Uganda

Raising Empowered Foundation (REF) was realized in 2016 to help young people get involved in the development process of this country  and  help them achieve their goals. It also funds and provides for the needy children through education enrichment programmes to allow them stay in school, be empowered and achieve their dreams and purpose in life.
Management team and members;
Brian Kharis Okello (team leader) Members (Susan Kabarwani, Reagan Karamagi, Galimaka Nicholas and Caroline Kabataraine Owashaba )

A vibrant, healthy, innovative and productive generation

Promote governance and democracy, leadership skills, gender equality, the reading culture/literacy, education and youth empowerment.

For knowledge and empowerment

Core Values
Empower : Inform : Teach : Build : Reach out

This is done through advocacy, networking and capacity building; for children, women and young  men (youth) in Uganda.

  1. Entrepreneur development; social economic empowerment practically and theoretically through system thinking approach in the community, equipping skills in young girls, women and men (the youth)

  1. Governance and democracy through active citizens and youth go green campaigns targeting young people to conserve the environment by /through planting trees in schools and communities and youth participation in dialogue  in the communities and schools

  1. Children development programme that takes initiative to pay fees for orphans and  the vulnerable by taking care of their needs and providing  them with scholastic materials in order for them to stay in school. There are also other education initiative programmes. The support is given to teenagers in secondary schools to 18 years of age and also those who are above for some reasons. There is also a programme of children for alternative change that enables them through dialogue, debates and discussions to discuss problems and issues they face/ encounter and find possible solutions, integrating the vices and make strategies to solve them. This is in families, schools and communities. We also train, coach, and mentor young children- teens - youth on life and leadership skills, literacy / the reading culture, career guidance and how to live a brilliant and successful life in order to make it in life. 

The social economic programme for the youth are craft making, beading,cake making, baking ,Saloon hair dressing, tailoring, sanitary pad and liquid soap and book making ,poultry keeping, piggery, secretarial work/ computer office (Microsoft) programs

  "Together we can change lives and the world to make it a better place"
            Together we can make a difference/an impact to society

Why Global Citizens Should Care
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for equality, and eradicating poverty and promoting quality education were central to the Civil Rights Movement. His activism inspires young people around the world to continue fighting for social justice every day. You can join in taking action on this issue here