Poetry Engagements and Teen Voices

Poetry Engagements and Teen Voices
 At Raising Empowered Foundation, we believe through poetry people especially learners, the youth and teenagers can express their feelings and also make their voices be heard making right choices in life. It also improves on their art, literature, anthology, writing skills and communication. I always move around schools and have community engagements/campaigns with the youth and teach them how to write poems (literacy/communication and interpersonal/leadership skills), sensitize them on the value of an education and saying no to early pregnancies and marriages. I later tell them to write poems in relation to education and early pregnancies and marriages "saying no to it" and award the best poems with the winner, runners up and third getting a token and the rest awarding them with mathematical sets and certificates. All Participants get a mathematical set at the end of an engagement. This enables one stay in school, know the purpose and values to schooling/education and also become an advocate for education and girl child education too saying no to early pregnancies and marriages. At the end of it all i tell each one to go in their respective communities and be an advocate for the Girl child education and education for all hence a wonderful, brilliant and brighter posterity! This has really helped in promoting of education in rural areas of the country where so many learners are faced with a lot of challenges which either make them fail, lose interest in education or even drop out especially girls

I organize School Poetry competitions  too emphasizing on the value of reading/life long learning and library usage, education and a stand against early pregnancies, marriages, rape and defilement. The winner always walks away with a  Prize of  50000 or more

We also provide/give reading materials/books to learners/readers

These are some of the engagements and Poetry written!

Adong Isabella  who emerged the best, at the left, Keji Scovia centre and Okethi Joel ( Second best) who participated in the Poetry engagement. We had a group photo and shared some merry time after awarding each with their tokens


Girl Child Education

Education! Education! Education!
My greatest priority, So precious
Without you, life is miserable
Right, left, you are the key to success.
Without you no girl can succeed in her future.
Oh! Education, how glorious is you!!!

Very light to carry
A mere pen/ pencil and a book
You only need use of brain
To get your merits.
You are really the most advantageous
Second to God. Needed every where
In everything.

Teaching, doctorate, Pilot, catering
Banking, managers, accounting, Hygiene
Sanitation, leadership among others
You really the best gift my parents
Have given me in this world.
Without you, how could this be?

Problem solver, you are the solution to most of
Girls problems.
Stop early pregnancies and marriages, forced marriages, young parents,
Girl unemployment among others.
Parents who are educated can never force their
Daughters into early and forced marriages.

You have saved me from death
Mom, Dad, if you had stopped me from education
I would have been subdued.
Oh! What a greatest pleasure you are!!

Adong Isabella (S6) 2018
Kibanda Secondary school.


Time and time again
Never tiring, never giving up
I knocked on her door
Willing her door to be opened
Willing her to get the best,
To forget of her inferior position

I so badly wanted to wipe away the tears
To blot out the pain
And I knew I would continue
Knocking on her door.

Oh! God help me
Grass has grown
I will thatch my hut
And sleep like a king
Let my daughters lord,
Be enlightened

Now that I have the power I will mend your confused senses
And keep you in prison
Until you see me as your leader again
And scare you out of your wits
Until like a frightened dog,
You keep your head down forever…

Okethi Joel (S6) 2018
Library and ICT Prefect / Literature student
Kibanda Secondary School

I believe you are wonderful
In the world, countries, Districts and homes
Parents, Teachers open your eyes on girl child
We are intelligent, have the ability to read and write

Parents support our studies
We girls we want to be educated
Education is the light and power of our future
Without Education we are nothing

Who are you not to support girl child
Because of Age, Instability and mental problems
With Education no one is late for it
Age, Size does not matter

Education is for all
You are the most powerful leaders to come
We are all equal in terms of job selection
Make competitions in terms of studies

Parents, guardians, support our studies
The world has now changed
There is nothing more than Education
Please see us with your eyes of mercy

Keji Scovia (S4) 2018
Head Girl
Kibanda Secondary School
Kiryandongo District

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