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      Respect the rights of children who are impaired
Children with disabilities should enjoy equal rights like the able. Their rights should never at any one moment be violated and abused. They all have rights to live under good conditions like anyone else i.e the right to a good shelter, right to access anything, right to information, right to food, right to education, right to socialize ,right to expression among others. 

There are some children who look down on them and could never wish to socialize or associate with them which is queer not only to humans but also in the eyes of the sole creator, God who is the chief designer. Teach them to behave and tell them those people not at any one moment wished and desired to be like that.

 It was not their decision in making that they should be impaired, and those who ill treat them can one day also be like that or their relatives. Some parents also do not take them to school saying it is a waste of resources but whoever knows these people can make it big in life. We have seen many impaired people making it big and thus advocating for the rights of  others. If you are not aware, you can do your research. 

School fess and scholastic materials, lunch and everything needed by an able person/child is also needed and a demand as right to the parents therefore segregation and discrimination should be banished. 

Children with disabilities find it hard to get friends and most of the times ignored and marginalized; one should ask themselves a simple Question, what if it were me? Would I ever want to be treated like that or my child? 

Talk to them, share with them what you have, your food, the toys you own,books, notes among others because God watches us on everything we always do and blesses our works. 

While in class, they should not be deemed a chance to sit on the desk, if they find it uncomfortable, the school should endeavor to make an arrangement to make a special one for them.

School administration should set up stringent policies, measures and laws that protect their rights while at school for them not to be abused or violated. They should penalize and punish those who bully and harass them by suspending, calling their parents or even official dismissal if the habit persists. 

This would teach the rest a lesson not to under look or mistreat their colleagues who are impaired. 

You can help them with what they request for, for example fetching for them water to bathe, carrying for them food during meals, pushing the wheels or carrying their bags from class. 

Challenges are there in life and who ever knows yours knocking may be worse. Take good faith and stand for the rights of the dis-able/ vulnerable and continue helping them for it is a blessing a head of you in posterity.

              Endeavor to make your child to Always Read and Read

Always advice your children to Read Books. There are many books that can help them like books from Characters of Characters teach about behavior in Children

There are various reasons why a human brain is supposed to be active; as always when a human brain is active, many specialists say it increases your life span; in spite of that, it triggers success since it's always thinking and at work.

This makes me say always train your child right from an early age to get involved in reading as a prerequisite to success.
 Most of the times lads view it as boring but when you make it a habit, it grows and after a period of time you don't have to stress or strain or force your self to do so, as it becomes reflex action and interesting over time.

Research has it that most children who tend to read for pleasure or fun perform better than their peers and classmates.They are also smarter, sharper and more intelligent.

 It has groomed  admired professions in the world like Astronauts, doctors, lawyers ,engineers, journalists, writers, architects, engineers among others.It has been proven without reasonable doubt that such people have a back ground of reading which later on strengthens their  mental ability to grasp things faster.

You can name all admired professionals, and you just don't get there if you are not intelligent and lack the knack of reading and doing research.

When it comes to grasping content and matter in class, ardent readers get content faster than others. It builds confidence when you are well versed with something or have knowledge about some thing thus expressing your self well without fear and anxiety. It does not make one be skeptical of their answers too.

knowledge is power and who ever is thirsty for it becomes wise. Buy some books and shelf them or open up a mini small library at your home where you can keep books, magazines and news papers you buy;this will increase and later on become a fully stocked resource where you can acquire some content from the library or archive when you are looking for some thing like a feature article written about what you are searching for i.e How to plan and save for your retirement.

For children, you can buy them story books and novels which can steer up and nurture their reading skills and abilities. A child will start from story books and later on move to bigger books with content and novels which enlightens and develops their capacities in reading and literature.

Presence of books on the shelf will make them want to read more and more when they are done with  a particular book thus revamping the skills and also the knack for books develops.

 After a long period of reading and interacting with books, these children wont have time for any thing but only spend most of their times in books which is some thing good because books help to develop a child's brain, mind and thinking capacity.

They may also feel interested to join book clubs or writing clubs in their respective schools. children who read always in most cases develop into opinion makers and leaders therefore please have the desire to push your child to always catch a book.

It increases their prowess in literature, comprehension, reasoning,grammar, public speaking and also art if the child reads a lot of stories like poems and creative plays.

Many journalists, Writers and Editors all began with the quest of reading at a younger age and now they are good in story telling and writing good and well researched articles and stories making a good living out of a hobby to career and professionalism.

Children are keen on what they see most especially on television, books, magazines, newspapers most especially on what they watch on daily basis like the celebrities or what they like most i.e foods, fashion, art work, games, sports among others; they stop and read about it more to get details making it fascinating about reading.

Being inquisitive in learn more, they will always want to do some research about those particular interests over the internet, magazines and newspapers which makes them develop their reading culture, so as a parent, you ought to  buy them books not to compromise their reading and research culture.

As times passes, they will find it interesting to read knowing they will find some thing interesting and new they might not know about their area of interests or even get up dates on a new game, movie, fashion or their celebrity star they look up to thus being informed but ultimately improving and enhancing their reading skills too.
Reading also helps children to learn how to behave; has all resources on how you can make your children behave; hence you can down load and teach your child and provide them with manuals too for developing good characters as they read.

Reading makes one know what is happening some/else where, the good and hard times other people face hence helping children be shaped on earthly issues.

One gets to know how others feel most especially in novels and also bringing the world closer; making one make informed decisions when handling situations in life.

As a parent you can train your child to read by doing it cohesively with him/her in your free time.
When you can't afford books in book shops or even have no time to go there because of being trapped in office work schedule, you can purchase them off the streets from the street vendors who even sell to you the books cheaply.

 Advice them that most successful people are veracious readers and write always one or two books. Tell them you are supposed to be knowledgeable to do that which is only developed by/ through reading and doing extensive research on your line of interest.

Story time with your child can be wonderful especially over the weekend when they are free and you too off the working schedules or rather in the evening after or having evening tea and bathing. Taking it as a routine, others will fall for it thus doing it  solely even when you are not around which therefore improves on their reading skills and culture and impacting a lot in their lives.

You can even  be surprised when matters are discussed, these children who read books can challenge some adults and also their parents on some topics and subjects pressed on to them.

When reading, stories help children learn simple concepts to complex ones. They learn about everyday tasks, emotions, feelings, environment and values. By witnessing the interactions between characters in books that they read, children gain valuable communication skills, grasp fundamentals of language and develop more logical thinking.

 Reading enhances the concentration, develop longer attention span, instills self discipline and better retention. Stories also develop children's imagination by introducing new ideas into the world; which could range from fanatical world, other planets, different points in time, created and imaginary characters.

 Stories bring confidence in children and higher level of self esteem which enables them confidently contribute and participate in class activities beside making them fluent and ardent readers.

When children read stories that contain feelings, it helps them accept their own feelings because they will know that people out there feel the same which makes them forget and contain their stress and stain of the day; since most of the stories contain fantasy in them; it takes them to the world of stars and the moon bringing feeling of greatness which can embody character and soothe their mind to relax.

Books and stories have the power to benefit all children in a myriad of ways, whether they are stories you tell, or the ones in books.

As a parent, you play a vital and critical role in helping your child develop into a good reader. To keep your child engaged in reading, you should have a wide variety of books at hand and you make sure you include on topics that interest the child.

Tips for passing or excelling in English to both pupils and students

There are some subjects in school that does not need panicking when getting prepared for examinations and assured of passing if efforts and much concentration is emanated. Practicing the language on a daily and making it be part of you is the only magic to excelling in the language in examinations. Here are some of the mechanisms or tips for performing or excelling in an English paper;
·         Endeavor to speak and make the language be part of you when communicating. This builds your confidence in the language and makes you learn new words
·         Always look for the new words you encounter in the dictionary
·         Keep writing down new words and make sure you always use them to increase on your vocabulary
·         Join discussion groups and actively participate in them making sure that you make a contribution
·         Have a passion for literature and if possible go for literature as a subject which helps you strengthen your English
·         Buy books and often read them every day when you are not busy
·         Consult with your English teacher or any other teacher of English and literature of what you do not understand
·         Forward all difficult questions to your group members. This can help you get correct answers and also group members who are not familiar with the question
·         Reflect on all the guidance you have been given by your teacher, head teacher, examiner or any other resource person
·         Always have time to practice alone and if defeated take them to your teachers or group members
·         Master all acronyms and abbreviations
·         Revise on tenses and work on your comprehension, grammar and literacy skills
·         Get correct spellings of words you do not know and disturb you
·         Endeavor to work on your composition and writing skills
·         Practice always writing letters and compositions and stories
·         Revive your books from the past classes to the latter
·         Check out for the papers and make corrections; strengthen on what disturbs you and on what you have failed
·         Revise with other students or pupils from the others and have a look at what they have done
·         Look for familiar questions that are always examined and raise your emphasis on them. Take note on how these questions are asked
·         Teach yourself to work and how to defy any odds that may come your way
·         Do not lose hope by basing on your performance. There is always room for adjustments and better performance
·         Add in more extra time towards your revision to strengthen your passing
·         Have enough rest and sleep (8 hours at least in a day)
·         Always be confidence and sure of passing before and after doing/writing your papers
·         Believe and always trust in your self
·         Do not focus on negative comments that may let you down. Get up, strengthen yourself and move forward. Stand tall and workout those solutions
·         Avoid stress by having time for yourself, having fun, listening to music, engaging in sports or any activity you'r comfortable of like your hobby (read the way to manage stress too if you have on the blog)
·         Trust and have faith in God. Believe in Him for your passing and performance.

             Embrace Education and Girl Child Education

                Sanitary Pads vital in promoting Girl Child Education

Image result for images girls using sanitary pads in african schools
Girls being given sanitary pads in a certain school.what a joy it carries when the needs of girls are tackled 

Parents grapple with educating their children so that they may be learned; and be able to sustain themselves after a long period of study, when they acquire a job or either creating their own for a living. It enhances a country’s social-economic status and boasts the gross domestic product of a country for steady development. 

With the 80% of the net enrollment, 72% completion rate, 74% literacy rate, the country is making more strides to improve education for her citizens to move to the reality of 100%. Despite of those achievements, the country will also have to combat the dropping out rate which is at 70%; girls taking the lead majority.

 The Ministry of Finance approved an increment of shs2000 on each pupil capitation grant to cater for sanitary wear, which according the ministry of education equips senior women teachers with emergency kit to support girls in case of menstruation emergency at school. It also took the president during the campaigns when he was traversing the country for re-election to emphasize on sanitary pads which help many girls stay in school most especially those in rural areas where the dropout rates hits harder. It was also directed by the education ministry that starting 2017 this year, its compulsory for all learners to have lunch and girls given sanitary pads while at school which shades more light in the education sector and making more girls attend school.

 I was reading one afternoon one of the dailies and I came across an article about girls using stockings to clean up their menstruation, and others not wearing knickers at school. Honestly, do some acts still exist like girls not covering up in this century? twenty first!, was the question that run in my minds immediately after reading the article.

 Parents are supposed to buy or give money to their girls to buy knickers since a girl child is supposed to be covered well right from where eyes don’t see.

 Absence of that makes her prone to sexual abuse, embarrassment from her peers and also during menstruation since the blood will pour direct without even socking knickers in case it is not there. Parents and caretakers or guardians should desist from taking children to school without wearing any undergarment and also provide for them at least reusable sanitary pads to make them comfortable and also attend school well without any worries and embarrassments. 

It all begins with you to raise a girl to go to school and raise a nation so you should make the first initiative. Whenever menstruation happens to a girl, and she happens to pour blood in the open when fellows are there, especially boys, they lose track to education because of the embarrassment and stop attending classes or even going to school which causes early school dropout and even luring early child marriages since education is the only way that keeps a girl safe from marriages and being disturbed by older men.

 I could like to commend the government for the initiatives to support girl child education and also some Non government organizations distributing or giving sanitary pads to young girls to help them stay in school. It is an immerse contribution to a girl’s life and this spirit should keep burning to see many girls stay in school.

 More funds should also be allocated to the education sector in order for it to provide pads to children to support them through their education. More Non government organizations should come on board for the noble cause to enable us realize the sustainable development goal 4 of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education, National development plan (ii),vision 2040 and achieving the middle status economy by 2021.

when you educate a girl, you educate a nation and chances are high for her to bring tremendous development within her house hold and community. And who said women don’t make it powerful CEO`s and directors, I guess we have seen many, I don’t need to mention names. It starts with taking a girl to school and proving those sanitary pads, which will make her work also harder in order to change the world around her by buying pads to/ for her children and others in her community for a noble cause. 

Homes become financially stable when the woman in a home is also earning or working breaking the barrier of financial constraints; which increases the provision and welfare for children. Other necessities are also catered for. The government also gets revenues which increases the country`s gross domestic product when there is an increased female human resource and workforce through the taxes it collects.

The young population will be reaching one billion by 2020 and achieving greater enrollment has not been possible due to several challenges. One of the drawbacks and constraints being financial problems parents encounter; Most especially in rural areas where 60% of children do not go to school or attend classes; and the rate of absenteeism very high as others claim they do not have money.

 children are kept at home either looking for money for survival or doing house chores. I was moving along a certain road heading to Uganda Petroleum Institute, Kigumba and I encountered a young boy of about 13 years; asked him why he wasn’t at school, but busy grazing 9 heads of cattle as his colleagues are at school, he told me his parents could not afford money to take him to school.

The boy at that age could barely speak English. He told me he is good at Kiswahili a language commonly spoken in Kiryadondo district and  also his mother tongue . I asked him why his parents could not push him to the neighboring government aided school since education is not all that costly there and he replied to me the same answer:” no money, his parents could not afford.”

 It therefore baffles being parents having 9 heads of cattle and you can’t push your kid to school. You just question that understanding, not even a government aided school! 
I immediately told the boy to tell his father he mate an angel on the way and told him to tell his father to sell off one of his cows he has for his child to have a bright and brilliant future, it will also make the child resourceful both to the family, nation and the world at large.

People say there are many educated people who don’t have jobs not knowing that an educated mind is a point of integrity and reasons matters much more than one who is not and can manoeuvre a way out of unemployment by innovating or creating their own if they have the skill and little resources hence causing an impact to a county's development.
It also brings prestige and pride in a family when children have gone to school and have acquired some education.It is the best investment one can ever get so it should be prioritised in all families.

A well educated workforce is bound to provide a substantial impetus to the engine of economic growth and need, particularly the age of 25-35 where there is a lot of energy in a youthful person.

According to the world bank data, an addition year of secondary and tertiary education, increases the earning potential of girls by 15.25 percent; which remaining in school postpones early marriage and promotes healthier and more economically secure families. Educated young women are also better-able to protect themselves and children from malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, trafficking and sexual exploitation.

This means investing in relevant learning for young girls in secondary and tertiary institutions, and providing them with requisite knowledge and skills, as well as competencies needed to live, healthier productive is a pre-requisite for continued economic growth and social change so much desired in Uganda and Africa as a whole.

 Embrace education and live a better social- economic life which is the way to achieve the UN sustainable Development Goals, National Development Goal (ii). Vision 2040 and also turning Uganda into a middle-income economy by 2020.

                 Sickbays are necessary in all schools
 According to the Education Act, schools should ensure that the welfare of both pupils and students is adequately provided for and in case this is not done,the school should be closed.” notwithstanding anything in this section, the permanent secretary, chief administrative officer or town clerk, as the case may be, may, in  the interest of health and security of the pupils, order the immediate closure of any school for a period he or she may deem expedite.” the Act continues to say “the school owner shall immediately comply with the order and shall not reopen the education institution without the express permission in writing from the permanent secretary, chief administrative officer or town clerk. 
From clear sources from the ministry of education, there is no list of basic requirements in sickbays, they are meant to offer first aid and basic treatment; and also they should not be treated as hospitals or clinics. When a case is complex, a child is supposed to be taken or referred to a medical facility.
 Students find it easy attended to at home where there is all necessary care but when their condition is not that worse, the situation can be attended to at school rather than being given pass outs by school authorities/ heads such as head master/mistress, administrators, wardens, matrons among other people responsible. This makes children not to miss out on school programmes, lessons and tests/examinations especially candidates who need every single time in school. It also causes absenteeism among students which can affect their performance in class. 

There are some sicknesses or illness that can be handled at school such as headache, fever, malaria and typhoid when not severe. Injuries and deep wounds can also be handled at school by proving first aid to the causality unless it worsens and needs attention from home. At least a school should have these; there are many cases where pupils/students get injured while at school and really need first aid which is supposed to be attended to by a trained school nurse or medical personnel.
 It is important for schools to hire or employ at least one or two nurses or medical personnel to help students at school in case of any injuries, illness and emergencies. Schools should therefore hire trained qualified nurses; put on payroll for government schools and private schools should make private arrangements with their medical personnel. 
 It is a danger to a child`s life in school when there are no medical personnel or nurses to help them, in case of any healthy issues. 
Children spend a big part of their lives in school and are likely to be exposed to environmental, physical or emotional dangers, which there for calls for a sick bay with at least a nurse and a visiting doctor to examine critical or complex diseases/conditions before taken for referral; and a fully stocked medicine room/ clinic with equipment to administer injuries. 
 Medicine is supposed to be bought by the school using the fees students/pupils pay and not make students pay for or buy drugs while at school using their own money. The pocket money given to students or even pupils is supposed to help them while at school and not used for purchasing drugs when sick. 
 Sick bays should at least have two beds and beyond to facilitate the sick, and students who are not sick should not go around congesting the sickbay pretending they are sick in the name of chopping lessons. Nurses and teachers (given the role of welfare) should keep monitoring the sick bay to deter the class dodgers from accessing the sick bays.
 It’s only those students taking care of the sick to be allowed in and not any other persons. The sick students can be seen or checked on by their fellow class mates and friends at a given time such as break and lunch time or later in the evenings when lessons are done but not during class time. 
It is advisable for patients to carry their own bed sheets and blankets to the sick bays to maintain hygiene and avoid contracting other diseases. These sickbays are supposed to be kept clean and mopped every day supervised by the welfare master/teacher or even the nurse in charge of the clinic or sick bay.
 A child who is sick is not supposed to be left inside the dormitory since it is very risky. Sometimes the dormitory may gut fire which may cost the life of the student and also the school being answerable to the parents of the child.
Schools that can’t afford a visiting doctor can develop or draw a voluntary mechanism by reaching out to their old students who are doctors through their old students association; during school meetings and timely functions. Other schools can also partner with the nearby medical center or facility for any cases of emergency when the conditions of the children worsen. 

 Parents are advised to declare to the school authority chronic diseases affecting their children in order for the school to be aware in case of any failure; they can handle the condition amicably.

 Some parents do not want to declare their children’s medical conditions which may affect the child while at school in case of any emergency.
 Schools do not entertain jumpers and non school sweaters brought from home and therefore, when the school is aware of a child`s condition such as pneumonia and asthmatic, he or she may be permitted or allowed to wear or put on their heavy jumpers and sweaters during cold weather especially during morning preps and sometimes night preps too.

 A healthy performance begins with a healthy mind and body; therefore health should be given a priority to steer good performance among students.

Provide/Pack lunch for children at school to lure good performance

There  are several parents who negate the responsibility of providing for  their children lunch at school which is not good for learning to take place; Leaving a child to study on empty stomach is not healthy for a child's brain and more so the entire body which  enormously affects the entire system including learning.

It is a right for children to have food at school to steer learning and we parents and all other stake holders ought to work hard to ensure children have something to eat as they are in school. Head teachers are also supposed to devise a means and also encourage this by advising parents to cater for lunch for their children at school through improvising or paying lunch fee for a child to have lunch at school. This goes to all government and private school head teachers.

when a child is hungry,or studying on an empty stomach,learning seems to be low as they brave or soldier the situation though in most cases it is unbearable. This ultimately makes the child loose concentration and interest in studies and thus desires to drops out of school.

Luck of lunch in school also makes a child hate school,viewing it as a punishment and there fore causes children to hide hence absenting them selves which later at the end of the day increases the number of poor performance.

It is much better for school heads to embrace the system of proving for children lunch as a programme at school and parents do the payment since some times packed food goes cold by lunch time provided by parents if provided.

Through Parents and teachers association, this matter can be discussed at school on a step forward to provide children with food to stimulate their learning process.
It even helps a lot since there are some parents who don't have time to cook and pack for children food in the morning being lazy to wake up early at 5;pm to start cooking and organising for work, and also their kids to go to school

when you have a hot meal (lunch),there is a way it stimulates your body making the brain active much more than packed food.But in vain if this cant work,then packing should be a resort.

This is prevalent in rural schools since most urban/town schools have a programme for lunch.when food is provided for children,then he or she can the zeal to work harder registering a better performance in school.

Avoid abuse and illegal use of drugs; these are some of its effects.
Drug abuse is the using of illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, khuba, hashish among others. It means using medicine without advice from qualified medical personnel such as a doctor; which is self- medication, taking medicine with alcohol of fizzy drinks like soda and energy drinks, not completing your dose or even not taking your medication in time. There are also other substances found in alcohol beverages which people drink like beer, wine and local brew.
 Nicotine contained in substances such as cigarettes, shisha, khuba, cigars, petrol and glue should be avoided. These cause a lot of behavior changes and issues, addiction and health problems which burrs one from living a healthy life and affects performance of students. All the dealers selling narcotics to children should be arrested by the police and other stake holders should come in to combat the bad vice. Taking drugs come with behaviors like;

Turns one into a thief
Children start stealing phones, money from other friends and breaking into their shoot cases; most drug abusers will always want to have money to buy more drugs to take and if they don’t have money, they start stealing property from fellow students like their shoes, bedding and blankets among others items children have at school. They also take the vice out when they are for holidays which is not proper because it pulls out a bad image to the parents when their child is caught in an act of theft

They will most of the times keep going outside school by escaping to take and buy drugs, alcohol and even clubbing which breaks school rules. Such people are always angry and most of the times engage in fights easily. They also think they can fly or jump from a storage building and never be hurt hence making them think they are above others which brings misbehavior

They do not respect teachers, prefects and fellow students. 
They are always vulgar and use abusive language not allowed in school community. They are always lied or deceived by the substances they take that they are powerful and can do anything like superman in movies

Suspension and dismissal
Children suspected of taking drugs most of the times face suspension for first time suspects and dismissal if found several times at school doing the illegal act. Taking drugs at school is prohibited and is against rules and regulations of school environment.

Psychological problems
People who take drugs face a lot of psychological problems like paranoia and schizophrenia. They can easily become mad and a nuisance. They think moving or standing along the road no car can knock them

Most of these students dodge classes to hide the vice and avoid being caught up by teachers. Students who take drugs are always sleepy and exhausted hence end up dodging classes or taking naps when the teacher is teaching. This usually lowers they performance or even sometimes makes them perform badly at their worst which is not good

Drugs make one commit offenses and crimes like rape, robbery and murder. They divert ones understanding and ability to have a sober sound mind of good reasoning. One can easily destroy property when on drug influence.


What do you think of the stories you have read? Do you Agree with it? Which story(ies) have you liked!  Feel Free to tell us all about what we have left out and what you can contribute or add on; and that would be awesome.

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